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Relocation Moving is one challenge many companies do not take seriously enough. Often times an office move is just planned without taking into consideration the potential risks of computer failure and/or network issues. Including an IT team can help minimize this risk and limit your company's exposure to downtime at the new location.

Netagy's team will not only coordinate your Internet connection move, but also help plan the new network design and computer layout. Often when companies move to a new location, upgrading computer systems and the network are very common things to consider. If your company is not purchasing new computers for the new location, the downtime involved in moving the old PC's to the new office can work to your advantage. Enhancing your company's infrastructure before you move can end up saving thousands of dollars in the long run by increasing the efficiency and productivity of your staff!

Office Relocation Services:

  • Network Analysis/Design/Upgrade
  • Computer Analysis/Upgrades
  • Internet Connectivity Planning/Migration/Installation
  • New Location Facility Wiring
  • Physical Move of PC's

If your company is planning a move, please remember that Netagy will give you peace of mind for all of your IT needs. If you are interested in receiving a custom quote for your office move, please contact us.

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